I am a 29 year old happily married women with an 18 month old son. My whole life I bumped heads with my mother. She has said things and done things that are unforgivable. Her and my father divorced when I was only 2 years old, she then married my stepfather and they had a son together. I have a better stepfather then most, however it was obvious who was the biological child in the home. Throughout school I got good grades, played sports, worked and stayed out of trouble. My brother on the other hand stuggled in school, very unsocial, and got his girlfriend pregnant at the age of 17. He only made it through one semester at college, I received an associates degree. It seemed as though my parents always have done for him and not for me. One example is when I turned 16 and got a car I was told I had to take out my own car insurance. It was very difficult for me to maintain good grades, play sports and work to pay for my car insurance which was out the roof. My brother on the other hand was allowed to be on their insurance, even with all the speeding tickets he has. My brother is now 23 years old and he lives in one of the homes my mother owns. All he pays is the taxes on the home. He does not buy her anything for mothers day, for her birthday... he does not help out around her house... he does nothing for her. She on the other hand watches his son... daily. He works 9-5, however my nephew is always with my parents, he even sleeps at my parents, because my brother doesn't take care of him. My mom buys everything my nephew needs... EVERYTHING.

Now I have a child, a boy, and I chose to move away from my family. I live about 7 hours from home. Whenever we go home to visit my nephew is there. When my mom and dad come here to visit, they bring my nephew. My parents get NO time with my son alone. When I come home to visit they will not watch my son, whom is a very good child, because they tell me they can not handle both children. They see my son 4 times a year... wouldn't you think they would want to bond with him?

Last week we went home for Easter. My nephew was very mean to my son and whenever I tried to correct him my mother would have a fit. Sorry but I do not think a 18 month old child needs to be slammed on the floor lby a 5 year old like he is in a WWF wrestling ring. Tentions were high between my husband and my mom and me... it did not end well. The final straw was when my nephew punched my husband in the face and my mother said nothing to him. Not sorry or you should not hit adults... nothing. Her and I got into an argument and she told me to pack up my stuff and never come back. That she wanted nothing to do with my little family. She could throw me and my son aside just like that. All for a 5 year old hitting a 31 year old man in the face. There is obviously more to the story, which would all shock you. While I was leaving she is telling my 5 yr old nephew that we hate him and that we think he is a brat and to say goodbye to his cousin because he would never be seeing him again. My mom is on zoloft and has been told she should up her meds. It has been 5 days and no word from her. Honestly I hope she does not call me ever again if that is how she is going to be with me and my child. I just need some support here... I had to vent to someone other then my friends... because they are all happy I am done with her because they have seen first hand the aweful things she says and does.