I really need to talk to someone no matter what I do it is never good enough for my mother. I love her very much but we cannot get along at all, I really would love to have a relationship to where we could be friends.
I am 30 yrs. Old I have been married for almost 14 years.my father was a acholic and was abusive to me and my mother, that's 1 reason why I married so young was to get away from it all.
Luckily, I have a wonderful man but anyway my mom called me a bidy tonight on the phone and told me to move off her land and that if I wasn't her daughter that she would hate me and you know words really do hurt sometimes, I have a younger brother who is 21 and that is her baby I am not jealous at all, but it feels like I do everything for both of them.
I loan mom money all the time and I'm not even working and no matter what I do if I mention anything about needing something like help after I had my hysterectomy with housework she will say what have you done for me and folks I know this is a big run on sentence but I'm typing from the heart .
But when I say mom I do a lot for you like I gave her $1000.00 to get her into the home they live in now, and never asked for it back, I had the power turned on for her and the phone put in my name, when I answer her questions she gets really mad and says I'm sick and tired of you always throwing things up to me.
I wish I could afford to move right now, but I'm out of work for awhile due to an injury. But I just wrote her a check today for my so called part of the yearly land taxes and she tells me all the time to get off her property and never call her again and never come back to her house...
I just don't know what to do! I am at my wits in and it breaks my heart but I'm so afraid she is turning me against her and God knows I really don't won't that to happen but for some reason I feel like she dosen't love me at all, she told me when she dies not to come to her funeral at all.
Does any of this make any sense I'm heartbroken and angry.
She says when I ask her why she treats me this way that she is the mother and she can say whatever she wants to towards me but I should resect her and not open my mouth and I do have a bit of a temper but I am very open-minded and I can be blunt at times but I do not offer advice unless I'm asked.
I maybe could understand if I had been a bad daughter but I've never caused my mother a bit of worry I've never asked her for 1 penny of money since I was 14 years old and working at a local grocery store.
She's never had to pay 1 bill for me ever in my life.
But yet she is all the time laying a guilt trip on me that I'm hateful to her and I honestly don't feel that I am. And I always say mom if I sounded hateful I am sorry.
But, she has never appologized to me ever.
She expects me to help pay her bills for her and I always have tried to help when I can, but I don't feel like its my place to keep her and my brother up which that is another subject but I just feel that my brother who lives with her should help her pay bills if she is having a hard time financially but all he cares about is what I can do for him also.
Someone please resopnd back tonight I will be waiting I don't know what in the world to do. I'm getting really depressed and having stupid thoughts I've cried all night since she called be a and told me not to call her again.
She teels me to move and I pay land taxes on her land for my little 1/2 acre. And she rules every thing even down to when I can let my dog outside.I just feel if I'm paying for this spot I live on that the least she could do is not try to run me off all the time, I don't understand I don't party or have friends over or play loud music I go to church and try to live the best I can but I'm at my wits end. Please I need some good advice. :confused: