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    May 3, 2011, 08:52 PM
    My mom won't let me put up the zipline, my ONLY birthday present?
    So, for my 11th birthday a few years ago, all I wanted was a zipline. That was it. It didn't even have to be that big, but my dad went all out. He built a tower for me to start at and end. One day, he was having a party and one of his friends tried the unfinished zipline. He broke his back and neck and my dad went into further precautions to keep it safe. Now, its barely a zipline. The seat is about 2 feet off the ground, and there's a net to catch you at the end if you fall. Yet, my mom made me take it down after my birthday party. She said it was dangerous and she hated it. I asked a year later if I could have it back. She scolded me and told me no. Here I am, three years later, I still want my present that my daddy worked so hard to make me. I confronted my mom about it again and she just walked away refusing to talk to me. By the way, there's a bit of a background story.

    Basically, around the middle of summer, me and my best friend watched Nim's Island. Watching her zipline we were totally inspired. We took some wire, a pulley, and a old swing and found two trees on opposite sides of the hill and made ourselves a zipline, which was fun till it broke. My birthday was coming up so I simply asked for one. Me and my friend were so excited to try it out. And it was great. Until the unfortunate event, y'know, with the back incident. So then we had to make modifications - it was still pretty great. But suddenly everything fell apart. My best friend moved, and my mom took my zipline.. ):

    Either way, my best friend is coming to visit me for the first time in a long time this summer! Yay! I want to put the zipline back up for her to visit. Besides this, I want to use it myself for some parties I'm having. SO... how do I convince my mom to let me put it up?

    My dad (the creator,) has tried explaining that he's made it almost completely risk free... but my moms not totally with it.

    This is REALLY important to me! Please don't give me answers like, "Welp, sounds like your out of luck."
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    May 4, 2011, 08:02 PM

    Just saying, this issue is SOLVED! Me and my dad sat down and talked to my mom and we had a nice little conversation and she agreed to put it back up. (:
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    May 6, 2011, 01:43 PM

    I don't think she should have given in, nor should you have asked. A person broke their neck and back on this thing. Granted it wasn't used properly, but at your age, using it improperly is about as close to a guarantee as you can get - perhaps you'll always be safe but your friends are another story, or people who come on your property when you aren't home.

    If another person is hurt, even if it's their fault or an accident, you can be assured they will sue your parents for damages as the property owners. Particularly since someone was already seriously hurt, if it happens again, it will be very hard to get your parents off the hook for liability if there's another serious accident.

    A better answer in my opinion would have been for your parents to replace the gift, since they had taken it away, with something that you would still like but that would be safe.

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