My mom has been treating me like for a long time now (about 2 years) she was always resentful and mean to me growing up because my dad favored me to make up for her behavior towards me. Which he doesn't dare do any more after years of her rath. I was a difficult baby (not sleeping through the night, refused milk... ect) my dad generally put up with things like this that my mom hated. I also was A.D.D. and took prescription pills for it that my mother forced me into. My Brothers and sisters all got straight A's and were on National honor society, while I struggled to gets C's. I know my mom had a lot of trouble with me because she always told me about it while I was growing up. She has called me a on multiple occasions in front of family and told me all the time when I was little how bad of a mother I was going to be myself. Now that I'm older and in college she yells at me every time I come home on the sole basis that I am coming home to visit or be in her house, but welcomes my sister home with open arms and even does her laundry while she is there. She didn't even name me. She let my older sister. I don't know what I did to deserve this. The things I gave examples of above are just small doses of the way she treats me. I finally told her the other day in a two hour long phone conversation how I felt, and she seamed to understand. But now the first time I have seen her since (two days later) she mad some smart remarks to me in front of people (family friends) (embarrassing) and I wonder why she even acted sympathetic at all. I hate her too. I want to cut ties with my family including my father and all siblings (except my only brother) but I am certain I do not have the finical means to do so. I am dying inside over this and I don't know what to do.I don't think that staying a part of my family is healthy anymore... Please help