My mom is always calling me and my sister and brother names and threatening to cut our tongues off and shove things down our throat and such. She never has buy she's always giving us this really mean stare and yelling at us for nothing. We are not perfect children but we are normal, and anytime we ever do anything wrong she screams her head off at us. My brother went to counseling with her but she doesn't like to go because she never does what the counselor says for her to do. She just continues being mean. And every time I mess up and try to be better she never sees and just calls me bad words and says I'm worthless because I don't do anything. Today she started yelling at all of us and she called us ugly, and useless, and when I started crying she said she didn't care. Then she said if I said one mean thing she would announce to my whole Girl Scout troop about how I was mean. And then she kept on saying how no one likes me and that my teachers said I looked sad all the time which wasn't true, but she doesn't understand that she's the one that makes me sad and mad. I try so hard to be good and I'm pretty behaved most of the time and my dad just goes alon with my mom.

Please help! And I don't want to live with anyone else or anything. And I've already tried talking to her, she just yells at me and doesn't actually try to be nicer.