So to sum up everything I have a foot fetish today I was studying and my sister was playing in here phone then I saw here putting her feet near the heater and she started to make a footplay she just move her feet and do some stuff like that and I didn't even focus on my study I was looking at her feet all time. Problem is I have tried to tell her before that if she can let me touch her feet or do what foot fetish guys do but she told me no . Well I understand she is my sister I understand that this type of things cannot be done with my sister but I need her just to give me her feet at least 5 min a day just to make me chill out and not to be focusing on her feet all the time . All I want is an advice from someone that can help me with this thing I want to touch her feet without making her angry or seeing me like a wierdo

Thanks for any answer in advance.