I'll try and make this the shortest version of the story I can

Me and a few of my friends all went in on an apartment together and 4 days before the "move in date" the ALL bailed out on me (some friends huh?) So then all my stuff was at my Boyfriends Mothers House waiting to be moved to my new apartment but since I had no where to go his Mom offered me the guest room and I have been staying there the past 2 months or so. And everything was totally peachy

Well now I am S.O.L (Sh*t Out of Luck) his mom does not want me staying there so now I have to move out by the 22nd of THIS MONTH!! My dilema isn't finding a place or making more money (although making more would be a bonus) My question is regarding the room mates that I have to decide between

Stacey and Cory are a couple I've known them both quite sometime, Cory for almost 6 years now, the original plan was for BOTH of them to move in and share a room and split the cost 50/50 but in the past few months they have decided they don't want to move that fast so now I have a dilema... On one hand I have Cory on the other I have Stacey

Cory: He's 24 years old hard working some what steady job that pays good money but he tends to Drink A lot too much and I don't like the people he hangs out with although I have known him for 6 years and we have never gotten in any argument that didn't end in 5 minutes. He lives with his crazy mean phsycho Dad but lives rent free

Stacey: She's 19 years old just got a job that pays very little she is very friendly sweet fun and outgoing she's very much like me and doesn't have very many friends and in the time we have known each other we have bonded and we have never had a problem in the 7 or 8 months I've known her. Her mom and Dad are getting a divorce and her only other option is to live with an alcoholic abusive mother

So now who do I choose? Cory; who will pay his rent and bills ON TIME every month, but drinks ALL THE TIME and is not the cleanest guy in the world?? Or Stacey; who will be struggling for money and not have much to spare but has no where else to go??