After coming back from a world tour[2 years ago], my family had never been in peace. My brother changed and became aggressive. Everyday fight happen in our house. He is really different outside home [totally opposite.] Just like he was before. But as soon he gets home he swears , hits punches etc. He is mostly against me. I don't know why. He thinks which is not true. He doesn't know what he says etc. But he thinks I said something or I want something bad about him but its not true. I explain to mom 100times.. I get this intuition that its Black magic. But Mom says 'Yes yes' but I know she doesn't believe me at all. And on the top she blames all the fights on me. My brother fights for very little things. Even a single 3 letter word makes him hit me with pointy pens and punch me on the face. Its not normal.

Also, I have gone through extreme depression. I am on two antidepressants. I don't study most times.and my brother is quiting from studying slowly 2.. He is a bright student though but now he hardly studies.. But I remember.. After we came back from the world tour, we stayed at mom's friends house for 12-15 hours daily.

Actually that friend knows a lady near her house and used to get black magic done at her ex husband..

So at her house, we used to study a lot. After 1 week of staying, I had a fight with my brother and since that day everything changed. Umm and 4 years ago, she attempted to burn her house in order to get the insurance money. Before doing so, she was forcing mom and us to take to her house for a day and then she and my mom would go shopping leaving me and my brother alone. Thank god mom refused. And on the night.. Her house burnt... [Actually they have burnt a lot of things before to get insurance money.] and mom obviously knew her plans. And 2 weeks before that she asked mom where she could get chloroform from? [meaning she probably thought of making me or my brother faint.. and the whole blame for the fire would be on us since we won't be able to go out. ]
Anyhow, mom told her ex husbamd all this. We stopped talking. Then later she contacted mom and offered friendship and mom forgave her and felt sorry for her. Now what I thnk is that she might be playing a revenge on us?

By the way, my mom is single.. The only single woman doing everything possible. We live in a beautiful house, and god has given us everything. Just as if there are two people working in the house. There could be the possibility of jealousy?

Now the problem is.. I can't be sure 100% that's its her and its black magic? What should I do? What istikhara? I actually prayed 3 days ago at night. Prayed and prayed for god to show me signs of who it is. And out of a sudden name of my maternal grandfather's sister came in my heart. Actually let me tell you some background. In pakistan, my grandfather let her husband's sister to stay there for free since he moved to Canada. But after 4 years, my mom's brother and mom were in need of money. So they wanted to sale the house. They wouldn't get out. It took 2 years for them to get out. Every time we called and asked them politely 'Please, when are you moving?' they would swear at us. Now I am not sure why her name came in my heart? I hadn't even thought about her in ages. [She died when we were on our last tour in Canada. Her death was unexplainable and sudden. She just died without any reason whilst sleeping] She was nice and the only one who actually met us in Pakistan. Her other family hated us...

Now please advice me. I don't know. I am so confused. Before all this, I also thought its my dad's second wife because he has a lot of money which according to the law is ours. She can't have kids. And..

I am really confused..

Could you help me?