Hi all,
I have had this neighbor situation for about 7 years now. We were all friends including the children as well, one day it ends, they have one older child whom accused my son of so many things we lost count. Things have been witnessed by others and still we r the bad ones. Now the middle child is talking through the neighborhood to the other kids so that my children have no friends. And there has been talk about us adults too. We understand our kids r not perfect but whose really are anyway, but at some point the parents must hold their children liable for their actions. It's a situation where their children are never wrong and when something happens it's our families fault. We don't care about them why do they care so much for disrupting our lives? Time to grow up I say and moved on. We have why can't they. Please help I have 2 very hurt daughters who are under 10, I hate to see the. So upset. Talking with them is not an option, where do we go from here? Thannks so very much.