I like to know how do you know if you have a ghost in your house is because the start of the year I had a brown cat siting outsite of my place looking though my window it was late at night it happenda few times and then things happened to me my boyfirnd cheart on me then I go in the longroom siting there watching TV I get a cold chill come over me now I have my next door car comes to my front door siting there a few times then it gos away tonight it come back so my daughter let it in so we what to see whatthe cat dose so the cat look around but walk up the hall way but it would not go into my daughters bedroom so it sit there for abit then walk away and then it went and sit outside of my bedroom but it would not go in and just look so after that the cat walk back outside and take off you may think I am mad but I feel there is someone watching me etc I don't know the sgins of if you have a gohost or something like that etc