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    Oct 24, 2018, 07:41 PM
    How can I help this depressed girl?
    I have a weird situation. A little over a month ago I was cast in a play. The girl they cast as my daughter is only 12 years younger than me, but that helped us bond. She's very outgoing, she makes sure everyone's having fun, she's a sweetheart. Well almost a week ago her mom was in a near-fatal car accident. Her parents live 2 hours away in a different state. She's been staying here with her cousins for college. Well her dad said it's best she just stay here & continue normal living, so she hasn't even seen her mom. This is her last semester. I’ve been letting her stay with me because I live closer to where we rehearse and her school. Plus I thought a change in environment might help. She gets up and goes through life like normal, but then at night she loses it. She’s very “clingy” to me, all she’ll eat is Mac & cheese, and then she cries until she falls asleep. One night she even wet the bed which just made her cry again. I wasn't mad just shocked. This girl is clearly in bad shape! She's a normal, happy, 22-year-old usually, but not now. I have no support from the parents. Her cousins check in on her, but they don't seem to be concerned. I AM concerned. I don't mind helping her, but she can't keep living like this. What should I do? Should I contact her dad about her seeing her mom? And how can I help her not be so upset and actually eat at night? Sorry this is long and weird, I'm just lost.
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    Oct 24, 2018, 08:09 PM
    You could talk to a grief counsellor to help you support her through her rough time. Better if she had someone that knew what to do to talk to. Barring a professional, love and patience is all I can suggest. Don't be frustrated, sometimes all we can do is be there and understand.

    Is she going home for the holidays?

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