So in Nov 2008 my brother was getting a divorce I told him he was more than welcome to stay here to get back on his feet since his ex-wife received their house. Well after he moved in he was hurt at work and had to have knee surgery. He then got back to work to have a motorcycle accident. In the time he has been here I have never asked for rent or anything even though not only have I taken him in but his 2 dogs which do not get along with mine. He has now recovered from his accident.

About 2 weeks ago his new girlfriend which lived about 5 hours away come back with him when he went up to visit. Not only was neither me or my husband consulted about this, they showed up with her and her 2 dogs. So now me, my husband, and my 4 yrd daughter have a few extra people living here.

Needless to say this is causing some tension in the household. Neither me nor my husband are happy with the current situation. Since he has shown up with his girlfriend our house has turned into what now seems like a frat house. They are constantly drinking and just being obnoxious.

It now seems like we are running a boarding house and a kennel all for free.

While I know my brother has hit some hard times I am at my breaking point. How do I tell him this is not acceptable and he needs to get his life together? The biggest problem with a lot of this is that he is bi-polar but will not accept the fact. So not only do I not want to put him on the streets I also don't want to go about this in a way that will cause him to snap. My husband is getting to the point where he is mad at me because he feels I am allowing this to go on to long, which he is probably right I guess I am enableling him.

So any advice on what I should do?