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    Dec 12, 2010, 05:05 AM
    Please help me! It is very urgent!
    I am part of a group that is not popular. My group started to split and most of my friend went away to another group. I am still friends with those people, they still come hang out with us sometimes. But there this one girl in my group, she is very talkative, she is nice in a way, I got invited to her parties before but now when she moved to the other group, she doesn't even invite me to any of her parties anymore but she does talk to me. I always find it hard to talk to her. When she is only around me she says very little, but when is she is around other people she talks to them about everything. I am was quite but I am not quite anymore, I do talk a lot, I always try to make a conversation with her but it never works? How can I be someone that she can talk to? She usual likes to talk to cool and funny people, I guess I am not cool and funny to her, how can I be cool and funny?
    People do not talk to me a lot and always look down on me cause I was kind of teased. In took me a long time to get to know the people in my group. There is this other girl she is really nice and very girly, the same thing happened just like with the other girl. She says hello and asks me how am I but that is as far as our conversation goes, I try talking to her but the conversation stops after a very little while. My conversation with certain people stops after a very little while. I try to be friends with other groups but those people do not always talk, they talk to me very seldom because I am not that cool of a person to talk to. Something when I am around very cool people I find hard to say things cause I am scared they might be like why is she talking to me. Everyone in my school loves to talk to cool and funny people. If you are funny and cool, then you can be friends with any group and everyone will love talk to u. all my friends put other first and the me. Thank you for helping me.

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    Dec 14, 2010, 12:05 PM


    You seem to have hard time excepting yourself. If you wanting ideas on how to meet more people try joining different clubs, such as drama even if you don't act you could help with set up or clothing. How about checking with you school counselor advise him/her what your wanting- see what clubs, or even classes they suggest. Perhaps start going to church and participate in their youth programs. Good luck
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    Dec 14, 2010, 12:25 PM


    I do remember the politics of high school. The different groups, the different categories as what you were classified as.

    We also had the ones you want to be like and the ones who wanted to be like you.

    Throughout the fours years of high school, I jumped around a bit, I suppose. We all do in school. It's common.

    Just remember not to lose yourself in the mix.

    I think my best year was my senior year, as it was all coming to an end. Realzing that I most likely won't see some of these people again. The fact that I can be myself. I was coming into my own.

    I think for you, you should just be yourself. Don't stress out about these girls not speaking to you as much as they used to. People change and grow apart.

    Like I said, I jumped around a bit in school, trying out new groups, meeting new people. Didn't lose touch with myself. Niether should you.

    Really focus on the friends that have stuck it out with you, also being nice to eveyone else.

    Put yourself out there. You may really be a funny person and just not know it.

    Have fun with people, enjoy yourself and don't stress. People are either going to like you, or their not, can't please eveyone. What you can do is just be yourself.
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    Dec 15, 2010, 08:48 PM

    I think you are way, way over thinking this. Don't worry what other people think or who's popular or funny or cool or whatever. Be a little more selfish and think about what interests you, what you like to talk about, what you like to do for fun, and get involved in those things. When you get into the activities that interest you, you will meet other people who will click with you naturally. When it's forced, it's probably not your crowd and it doesn't mean at all that there's anything you're doing wrong - you are just being too hard on yourself and not patient enough. Being popular means nothing - what matters is finding true friends and that doesn't happen easily or quickly for anyone.

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