I am scared. My son is physically and verbally abusive to me. Tonight he came home in a rage and threw the fidge and sofa and me. I am scared please help me. I don't know what to do . The police here don't care and I need someone to talk to. I am alone right now but I can not sleep fearing he will come back. He put a hole in the door. It is not the first time that I will be fixing holes or replacing doors. He is 28 . 29 this Friday. He hates all women and that includes me. I just had back surgery and all I could do was clean up the food and liquid on the floor so ants would not take it. I can not put back anything into place. That is the least. I am so scared. And like I said the police here will not do anything but laugh. They themselves are abusive and liars. It is partially their fault as to what is happening to him now. He has a lot of anger and takes it out on me. Is someone there? I need to talk please.