I have a friend who repeatedly cancels our plans. We hang out around each others' houses and the past few times that he's been due to arrive at mine, I either get a text saying that he's "sorry but he can't make it," and can we do it "tomorrow?" or "next Monday?" or an Instant Messenger message that reads along the same lines (if I'm at my computer). I don't mind a cancellation if I'm given notice or if there's a genuine reason, but this friend gives me little notice and seldom has a reason - which I suspect is why he cancels via text, so I can't ask "why?". Not only does he cancel by text (and sometimes IM), but I receive the text AT the time he's meant to be at my house.

I don't know if this is of any significance, but it seems that he "can't make it" only when he's meant to be coming to my house - never when I'm due to go to his...

His repeated cancellations and lack of reliability is really starting to irritate me. I make a space in my schedule to see him, and then he cancels by text, which I find quite impertinent in itself - he could at least call - and gives me hardly any notice, so I can't make plans with anyone else. When we made the plans, his schedule was clear, so I can't help thinking that he's been made a 'better offer' by someone, thus cancels his plans with me: "it's only ME," which I find disrespectful and arrogant/self-important on his part. Basically, I'd like some suggestions on how to confront him: if I bottle it up, then I'm worried that the next time I see him, I'll go crazy!

Should I ask him why he always cancels? Or should I not make any plans with him for a while/ don't ask him around to my place for a while / cancel our plans myself a few times, and hope he gets the message?

Any other suggestions are most welcome.