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    Jan 31, 2022, 11:36 AM
    My friend is really mad at me and she is distant
    Recently, my friend told me that I had a bad behavior multiple times with her but also with the other and she said that she will be distant and that she canít accept the apology I text to her for the moment. Well texting apology is not the best idea to be honest.

    Itís recent so itís normal that she is still angry and distant, time heal things but it can be a long process. I am pretty mad at myself by disappointing her about some things, but since this fight I started to improve my behavior towards the other, to thanks them in front of them if they did something good to me, I ask about their week end for example and etc. I want to prove now that I wonít be angry at her anymore if she is truthful with me, and maybe talking to her like grown ups around a table. I made a letter but I didnít give it yet, because she asked for some space and now itís too fresh in her mind.

    I really love her and I hope we will be able to talk together about a lot of things, I have to say thanks to her too for all the good things she has done for me.

    Any advices about this?
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    Mar 31, 2022, 03:38 AM
    You can drop her a message to tell her how sorry you are

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