We used to be close to my husband's sister. We spent holidays together and our children were great friends. However a few years ago she became angry with us over a computer we sold her that stopped working (we offered to fix, but she wasn't interested). She hasn't spoken to us since. We've tried calling several times over the last 5 years but her husband says that she wants nothing to do with us. Other siblings have tried contacting her but they have also been rejected. When her mother was ill her response was that she doesn't care if her mom dies. Needless to say, she has some real issues.

What bothers me is that for all these years she has continued to send us emails, Christmas cards and photos of her children. Nothing she has sent has ever been meant specifically for us - just generic emails sent out to everyone in her address book, generic Christmas card greetings, etc. I don't understand why she sends these things to us if she wants nothing to do with us. I don't send her anything in return.

My husband thinks the best thing to do is ignore her. But that is hard for me to do. Every time I get something from her I am reminded of her rejection of me and that makes me feel miserable all over again. I've considered sending her letters asking for a reconciliation... or even telling her to leave us alone... but I doubt I will even get a response. I don't know how to deal with someone like this. Should I try to confront her? Change my address and phone number so she can't reach us? This situation has been bothering me for years and I'd like to resolve it and move on.