Hi everyone, I am in need of some really good advice...

About 2 years ago I let my sister move in with me, my husband and daiughter, into the spare room! At the time she wasn't working so pretty much sat around, made mess and ate all the food, she didn't contribute at all in any kind of way... there also didn't seem to be much respect for our privacy as once, when me and husband were argueing over something she came in and just sat with us! The tension in the air was thick and it was obvious we were argueing but she just sat there! In the end we left our house to continue to talk!! After about 6 months I asked her, which was so hard to leave, she moved back with her dad which she hated as they don't have a good relationship and she feels very unwelcome there and very unhappy!


Since then me and my husband have separated, my sis is still living with her dad, very unhappily, she now works... we all went out the other day with other members of the family and they asked the question of 'if I have room why can't she live with me now? Its different to before' I honestly have considered it again myself as I know it would be different this time and I would set some ground rules and she would need a future plan as I wouldn't want it to be forever!

But do I let her move back in or not?? What if she lost her job? We would be back to square one again! What if she never left? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp