"being able to forgive a mother who always causes trouble with grown daughter", my mom always picked men over her children we all left home at the ages of (13 to 15) and now that she's 59 years old with no man in her life, she wants a relationship and all she does is cause havoc between us siblings with me being the only girl and two brothers. And she's caused my brothers to not like my oldest son! My oldest son could only take two months living with her, she portrays selfless and innocent, she's the most trouble making person I've ever know so I really don't want nothing to do with her because she was really never a mother! And now I feel she had the chance to make up for it as a grandmother (5 in all) grandchildren)between one brother and I and she the worst grandmother I've know she does not try at all to focus on them at all. She's a selfish all about herself, My brothers over look her and pull away from me because I can't forgive her how can I when she's one step a head to more hurtful things there's so much more things she's done as we were kids and grown that it would take a book to write, so how do I have a relation ship with my brothers with out her, and them to accept my feelings?