Hi all, my daughter is 31 and pregnant with her 3rd child. Her first two children, both girls, are from her first marriage. We used to have a close relationship and I love my granddaughters more than life itself. She asked for a large sum of money early last year and we weren't in the position to assist. The money wasn't for anything life threatening, more of a want than a need, and she had other options. Instead of accepting that there was no money forthcoming, she became very abusive and cruel while continued to ask for money, threatening that we wouldn't see the girls if we didn't assist her. Long story short, this has gone on for over 18 months and we aren't permitted to see or talk to our grandchildren. After a recent abusive email, I told her that if she apologises we can try to move on. She refuses to apologise because she said we haven't acknowledged her unborn child. She tells other family members that we have not been supportive and therefore she doesn't want to talk to us. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do?