This is for my sister who is a new and first-time grandmother to a darling baby girl - 4 ths old now. She has always had a great relationship with her dauhter -in-law and especially while her daughter in-law was pregnant. Daughter -in-laws parents live out of state so all her family is her husband's side (my sisters son). So, after the baby was born the daughter-inlaw has turned a cold shoulder to my sister. My sister is so deeply hurt because she doesn't get to see the baby as often as she thought she would. I think her daughter -in-law sent out very different messages when she was pregnant so my sister is very emotionally upset. My sister does not want to say anything or ask why she acts so cold - she does not want any conflict with her or start an argument between her son and wife. My sister keeps getting advice to be patient, she's being overly protective as a new mother, give her time to adjust to their new life with baby, so on and so on. In the meantime my sister is deeply hurt and has a hard time holding back her excitement when she does see her grandaughter and now feels like she has to watch every move she makes or says around the baby. What is up with this? Does this sound normal?