Hello all

I just need to vent a little about my sons wife. She is such a little devil.

Last weekend they got married and I am so pissed at her because when the photographer was taking pictures, he was only taking pictures of her and me and my daughter was so upset because we were trying to get some pictures of the bride and groom with some friends and family members. The photographer was not listening to us at all and I know that she told him not to take pictures of the groom with his family.
When I got married I was so nervous and busy all the time that I did not even have time to sit down and eat, but that little fat still managed to sit and eat her food. Me and my daughters were left going around and talking to the guest and only later did she and my son go around and talk to people.

We do so much for her, we feel sorry for her because she is a foreigner with no family here, she has been living with us for a year now, something I didn't want, but I know that she and my son cannot afford to move out right now as she cannot find a proper job without a green card.

Whenever we invite her to go out with us she just says in this stupid little voice I'm okay, but thank you. After everything I do for her she treats me like crap. When her family came for the wedding, we let them stay here. I think she was a little pissed because they paid a lot of money to come here and do some sight seeing, but we were too busy to take them anywhere. I had to do my nails and hair for the wedding. That stupid little cow did her nails a week before so that she did not have to sit a the salon for 2 hours getting pampered so she can spend time with her family. I understand that she did not see them for 2 years, but it was the week of the wedding, what do you expect me to do and we did take them sight seeing so I do not know what her problem was.

She doesn't even eat the food we make or clean up or anything, she cleans up after herself, but that is not good enough, I'm not the only one who lives in this house.

She turned my son against me too. He is always yelling at me because "someone" had told him that me and my daughter were going around bad mouthing his wife to everyone we know. Ill admit that we do gossip about her, but only to each other. Urrggh, I can stand her:mad:

We do everything for her, when we buy her clothes she never wears it, says its too big, yeah right, with that fat of hers. I offered to take her to dinner for her birhtday and she just said in this stupid voice, I think DL, my son, has already made plans. We only ever treated her well, but she is such and ungrateful cow. When me and my daughter confront her about her attitude problem, she always makes excuses not to talk to us, says she will be happy to tlak if you stop ganging up on her and screaming. We do not scream we just talk loud.

No one likes her and no one wants to have anything to do with her. She is so fake, smiling and joking with people, everyone knows she is fake. I bought her so many gifts for her bridal shower and my daughter went out of her way to throw her a surprise shower and to organize her bachelorette party.

My daughter lives downstairs and can hear everything they do, I mean everything, she is such a slut, can't they do it when no one is home. I mean everyone we tell this to says that it is this respectful and my daughter even said it to a bunch of people in front of that little devil to embarrass her with the hopes that she get the point that its disrespectful.

The other day she started raising her voice at me, telling me to stay our of her and my sons personal business. I went to the bank the other day to deposit some money into their bank account, this way I can see what they have in their account and maybe give them more if they need, but "someone" told the bank that only her and my son are allowed access to their account, what a load of bull.

I cannot stand her and I know there are many of you out there who feel the same about your dil's. I wish she would pack her bags and go back to where she came from. Good ridence.

Tell me what you think.