My boyfriend and I were renting a house from my mom and stepdad for about 2yrs now. We did remodel work to offset some rent each month to update the house so it would sell easier on the market. Well we repaired a wall infested with termites and paid for the expense out of pocket and deducted it off the rent. Well the folks didn't like that and since we wouldn't pay the extra money they evicted us. My mom called after court and asked me when we thought we would be out and I said the most 3 days. She said don't worry about repainting the walls I can get that done cheap and I said OK but I'm not sure I will be able to clean the house real well before you want us out and she said that was fine. The day we got locked out for good, she called my sister and said she was so angry with me because I didn't clean or paint the house. I was totally confused, my relationship with her has gone down hill the last year because I feel she is greedy. So, she left me a message on my cell phone that says, "This is the last time I will ever speak to you again. I dont ever want to see you again, I dont ever want to see braydyn(my son)and I hope you have to live in a car or under a bridge. you can tell (my boyfriend) if I ever see him, I will kill him, and I dont care if you record this because we are going to put a hit on him, do you understand me we are going to put a hit on him." This hurts a lot but the thing that hurts the most is, my son is 5yrs and he is a high functioning autistic, how do you tell him his grandmother never wants to see him again, how do you handle a situation like this period?