I've been friends with, oh we'll call him Mitch, for about 10 years or so (By the way, I am a girl) He is my best friend. We could tell each other anything. We went on vacations together. We always had a blast. In Dec of '05, he met and started dating a girl - we'll call her Nicky. She lives about 1 1/2 hours away from where Mitch and I do. After he started dating her, I saw my friend less and less. 6 months later, they were engaged. I had a sit down with Mitch and expressed my feelings on how it just seemed like they were moving extremely fast. He said that he loved her and wants to marry her. He's my friend, so I supported him on his decision. So, this June they got married. I stood up in the wedding, even on his side being a girl. Nicky and her 4 year old daughter moved in to Mitch's house after the wedding.

Now after being married, I'm getting even more worried about my friend. She has made him rearrange all his furniture; rip up all the carpet in the house to sand and refinish the hard wood floors; get rid of his cat because "it attacked her and her daughter"; wants to get rid of his dog (she has NEVER liked that dog); won't ever let him go out with his friends while she is home. She doesn't like living down her because she "is soooo far away from her family and friends" that she is trying to make him sell his house so they can move (which also means giving up his extremely well paying job or driving about 2 hours to work). Now to top it all off, SHE IS PREGNANT. She said that she wanted to get pregnant right after they got married so the kids won't be so far apart in age. I told her to wait a little while since they have A) just got married B) just moved in together C) haven't even been together for 2 years D) are NOT ready to have a child together

I just don't know what else to say or do about this situation. I love my friend to death. I don't want to see him get hurt, but I'm afraid it will lead to there one day. I've tried to support him in his decisions, but how can I when I just feel like he's digging deeper and deeper to a road of unhappiness? I'm just waiting for the day where she says that he can't see or talk to me anymore!

Does anyone have any advise on this?

By the way, I am NOT jealous of Nicky. I was in a very happy relationship when Mitch and Nicky started dating. I still am in this relationship and am planning on marrying this man. Mitch is just a great friend of mine and that's all it ever has been.