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    Dec 18, 2021, 04:29 AM
    My auntís ex bf says Iím ruining the kids Christmas, thoughts?
    Okay so my aunt and her ex boyfriend arenít together and her kids live with him for the time being because it makes things less complicated for them right now. Anyways he goes on to saying how I ruined the kids Christmas just because Iím not letting them open up my Christmas presents I bought them and that I can take back my presents. Saying Iím ruining it because since heís not able to drop them off during Christmas, heíll be busy. So since they wonít be able to open their presents until after Christmas Iím ruining it for them, even though everyone else told him the same thing I said, that we can wait still even if itís after Christmas for them to come over and open presents. Then he goes on to saying how he wanna take the presents to his house to open them up on Christmas, but weíre not allowing that because we want to see the kids reactions and record it. Then he says no one cares for the presents I bought them because the kids only like anime, no one else does. Just because I got them their favorite anime stuff, theyíre meant for the kids so why do other family members have to care what I got them right? He says how Iím the first one to buy them presents but wonít let them open it until way after Christmas. Also he has a new gf and heíll be celebrating Christmas with her and the kids at his house. Plus they already got lots of presents from his side of the family for the kids. So why canít he just wait until the kids come over to us to let them open? So thoughts on this situation?

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