My friend and I have know each other for years and even had a past history together,Well we finally connected after a few years of not talking in any fashion, he had moved and got married and as I did as well. Up until recently he found me on Facebook and so we started talking again,and enjoying eachother's company. Time went on and we started to have a conversation about how my life is with my husband and how I am tired of being the only one that my kids can count on. I was letting him know that I was on the virge of getting a divorce. His comment to me was that I was being to selfish and that I need to think of my kids. Well then we got into a conversation about his teaching his little girl how to read and I asked him why he doesn't teach her, he said that he wasn't that great at it, and so with that I just happened to open my mouth and say well at least she will have a new daddy that can teach her!As soon as it was said I immediately appologized to him, he just sat in silence for a minute then he said he had to go. I did text him later and told him how deeply sorry I was for that comment,but nothing in response. Then the next day I called him to apologize again ,then he text me back and said that what I had told him was ****ty and that he doesn't want me to ever contact him again and that he was freakin serious! After all of this my heart aches for him, I miss the talks that we had, he's a great friend!! Do you think he will ever talk to me again?