I have an older hot air (fan driven over coils) in wall heater. In is essentially new in a box never used for about 8 years. I want to use it now, but when I went to wire it up I can't figure out where the neutral should be connected to. The unit has a Black, Red and frame ground ready to be connected to. The Back and Red I assume is for the 2 legs of my 220v circuit. But most other 220v circuits I have wired in the past has a obvious White (neutral) wire. THere are metal tabs to accept a wire connector is various spots in the unit... but none of them are marked Neutral. So before I burn it out by mistake, I was hopeing someone with experience in wiring these units might be able to help.
I tried to look the company up on the internet and came up empty.
The unit is a FASCO D-B2548 Counteflow Wall Heater, 4800 watts, 240v, 16382 BTUH.