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    Jul 27, 2007, 09:18 AM
    Which laptop should I buy?
    I need to buy a new laptop. Iím currently using a Dell Inspiron 600m that I have had for about 4 years. Iím starting to have a lot of problems with it (the power cord must be plugged into the power jack at just the right angle for it to work and the jack where you plug in the network cable is broken among other things).

    I donít think I want an Apple. I havenít used one in so many years that I donít think I want to spend the time getting used to one again.

    Price isnít an issue. If I need to pay more for a better system that does what I need Iím OK with that since I use it every day for both my job and personal things.

    Iíd like it to be lightweight. I bring my lap top to work with me everyday and Iíd rather not have to lug around something heavy. On that note, Iíd like it to be marginally thin so that I can fit things in my briefcase.

    Iíd like it to have a nice screen. Iíve seen laptops at the store that have those shiny glassy looking screens with beautiful pictures. Iím torn on the size of the screen I want. It would make sense that for a larger screen the laptop would end up being bigger and heavier, but I might sacrifice that somewhat. I donít want one of the really tiny ones, I want to be able to type as easily as possible with it and not have to squint at the screen.

    I want it to be wireless internet ready, I donítí want to have to use one of those outside card things.

    Iíd like it to be fast, and have as big of a hard drive as possible.

    Iíd like to be able to use it for watching movies and playing games as well.

    It needs to have a CD/DVD burner.

    Oh, I hate the mice that are like little nubs in the middle of the keyboard. Iíd prefer a touch pad.

    Let me know what you would recommend!
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    Jul 27, 2007, 09:24 AM
    It really depends on what primary use you are looking at.
    Bear in mind laptops can start low $500 and finsih at stupid prices $10,000!!

    It's all a case of numbers.
    You go for the biggest and fastest that your budget will allow.

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