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    Oct 13, 2011, 08:47 PM
    Small basic computor programming / codeing, game help
    Hi I was wondering do any of you know the software programme where you make programmes and software through lines and lines of coding, anyway I am making the game airhockey, but a virtual version which yes is similar to pong. I was wondering how to I get my rectangle shape to move smoothly, and not appear in random spots, thank you. This is what I have coded thus far. Your feed back would be much appreciated

    Color = "Black"
    GraphicsWindow.CanResize = "true"


    Sub SetUpWindow
    GraphicsWindow.Width = Desktop.Width
    GraphicsWindow.Height = Desktop.Height
    GraphicsWindow.Left = 0
    GraphicsWindow.Top = 0
    GraphicsWindow.Height = 1000
    GraphicsWindow.BackgroundColor = "Aqua"


    Sub SetUpShapes

    ellipse = Shapes.AddEllipse(10,10)
    rectangle = Shapes.AddRectangle(40,80)
    ball = Shapes.AddEllipse(50,50)



    Sub ShapesMove
    GraphicsWindow.MouseDown = OnMouseDown


    Sub OnMouseDown
    x = GraphicsWindow.MouseX
    why = GraphicsWindow.MouseY

    x = GraphicsWindow.MouseX
    why = GraphicsWindow.MouseY

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