Back in 2003 I was charged with BURGLARY and the charge was dismissed, I applied for a loan processor position with JP Morgan Chase yesterday 02/21/12, I didn't complete the application because I am in the stage of applying for expungement, I saved and drafted the application because I wasn't ready to apply due to the charge, but they still called me and went over the job details. I told the woman that I only saved the application and didn't apply yet because I need to get a charge off my record, but didn't tell her what the charge was, she said she still wanted to go over details, and then she ask me if I wanted an interview, I told her yes but again I have something that needs to be taken of my record, I now have an interview next week. On the application they ask if I was convicted of or plead guilty to a felony and I put no, but I did put my misdemeanor charges on there of TRESPASS and DISORDERLY CONDUCT, both are convictions that are going to be on the expungement, So I am asking will the dismissed charge effect me getting hired