It feels like my transmission is slipping, when I come to a stop light the tires take a while to roate almost like they are stuck (not every time once in awhile). When I speed up and get to 3rpm it starts to humm and buzz and never goes higher then 3 rpm unless I hit the gas really hard and fast. I took it to a machanice and he said it feels like when its at a stop light it skips 1st gear and goes to 2nd and when going faster it goes to 3rd then down shifts to 2nd and stays there. They did test and couldn't find anything wrong with it when I drive long distance it feels fine like I said it doesn't happen every time I drive it. It also has turned off 2 times while I was driving it like the engined stopped. And a couple times it hasn't started up right away then I wait 5 to 10 min then it starts up perfectly. Im thinking it might be the transmisson filtter or a caft shaft sensor.. anyone have any other suggestion... or should I just get a new transmisson..