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    Oct 2, 2014, 06:06 PM
    Know somebody looking for a job at another area
    Ok so my whole life I have lived in Sterling Heights in a nice house for the past 12 years. My mom is dating her new boyfriend and he lives in holland. She is talking about moving in with him sometime after Christmas. The problem is that holland is 3 hours away from Sterling Heights so he would move away and I wouldn't be able to see my friends, my grandpa, godmother, my real dad, and a lot of other people. She may rent the house to her friend and we would come for one weekend every month. Imagine me only being able to see my real dad, grandpa, my best friends, godmother, and most of my family for only part of Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday once a month almost every month. I just got to 7th grade and I'm at a new school with all my friends. I may not be able to be there for a year. The reason he isn't moving here is because he has a good job there. He works at a factory as a top chef. He's kind of like a teacher and other chefs work under him. He works for a company called request foods. So instead of having my life ruined and moving away from my home city I am wondering if I could find him a job like that here. Please please please I beg u to help me. I have an issue where I get really homesick and I miss my mom and dad when I'm far away and I'm almost always with them. It's because last summer there are 2 things

    1. Me and my dad always went camping together but then I went to summer camp for a week and my dad couldn't stay cause he had to work a said he would visit me almost every day and that night I was homesick and the heat made me stay up till 3 AM. Then he texted me and said he would be there at 4 but arrived at 7:00. I left but was scared to go camping for a while and no longer enjoyed it

    2. Last year my grandma had lung cancer and she was in the hospital for a month and a half. I thought she was getting better and would be out of the hospital soon and we would go back to our normal lives. But one day me and my dad left the store he owned after work to go to the hospital and when we we driving to stop at a pet store on the way to get bird food he told me that she died. I felt horrible and cried all day. We went to the hospital to see my mom and her friends but when we got there she had left and gone over to her friends house. So we went home and I texted my friends the news and went to bed. Woke up texted my grandma. 5 minutes later I remembered and from that day forth I was scared that something would happen to my mom and dad and I'm still scared.

    So are there any jobs like that around Sterling Heights Michigan?
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    Oct 2, 2014, 06:13 PM
    You, being 12, are not going to be able to change these plans. Even IF anyone here could help you find a job for him, he is not going to leave the job he has now just to make things easier on you. It's sad to have to change your life and all that but it's the way things go.
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    Oct 3, 2014, 01:50 PM
    Ok I may be 12 but the only reason my mom may move in with him is cause he likes his job. If there was the same job available here then he would come here. I don't want to hear answers like " oh your too young and u can't change anything ." I'm really getting annoyed with people saying that. Just answer my question and don't post anything about me being too young and he won't listen to me. He is friends with me and said that if he can find a job here then he would move here. SO JUST TELL ME IF There's A JOB LIKE THAT AROUND HERE
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    Oct 3, 2014, 01:56 PM
    You are a snot, aren't you? You seem to keep telling people what they can answer and how to do it...guess what? It's a public site, anyone can answer...

    And yes, you are too young. I wouldn't let a 12 year old find a job for me.

    And how about this...No, we don't know if there are jobs around you.

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