I'm opening a rental business that incorporates both long term and short term (vacation) rentals in a upcoming resort area. There are several of the same type of companies in the area. Having been in the property management business for 25+ years I've got the basics down on how to handle the legal details. What I've got in mind for this business is to build the vacation business into something more than just a house rental for a week. Offering trips, tours, restaurant reservations, golf tee times, and a whole lot of other "packages" that can be offered with the house or added during the time of the vacation stay. I want to introduce my company to property owners who own and have rented property in the past. I want them to see the potential for more rentals and returns. I don't want the letter to go on forever, I want them interested enough to call and make an appointment to show us the house, while we show them our marketing plans. Help please?