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    Post Construction Clean up pricing
    I'm a commercial cleaning company located in Baltimore, Md. In need of assistance in pricing my first post construction clean up. The job is 64 unit 65,000 net sq ft apartment complex. The complex has 18 buildings with a entrance way. They have 16 one bedroom apts, 32 two bedroom apartments and 16 three bedroom stackable townhouse apartments. The scope of services requires a rough clean, finish clean and two re-cleans per dwelling unit.

    Your assistance in advising how to tackle this project as well as an approximate amount of time it should take and how many employees are needed. Here are the preliminaries of the scope work:

    - Clean all windows and glass in doors including sills. Glass surfaces shall have both inside and outside surfaces washed with a glass cleaner. Vacuum, clean, and wash window tracks, clean frames and ensure frame bleeders are clear and free.
    - Clean all floor areas. Vacuum all carpet and wash all ceramic tile and resilient flooring (sheet vinyl and VCT). Dust all wood trim & baseboard.
    - Wax VCT per flooring manuf recom.
    - Clean all door thresholds, clean and remove tape, door knob stickers, etc.
    - Clean and dust all light fixtures and ceiling light panels, inside and out.
    - Wash all windows and frames, tracks, screens and grills (includes installation of screens).
    - Remove all existing labels from appliances, window, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and doors.
    - Remove and properly dispose any temporary carpeting and/or flooring coverings. Attic stock carpet and tile should be stored in closet.
    - Install and clean all floor registers. (Water source will be provided).
    - Run all faucets to clear out plumbing debris.
    - Dust out and wipe clean all cabinet shelves. Dust and wipe clean all cabinet interiors and tops including shelves, drawers, tracks, tilt-downs, etc.
    - Completely clean kitchen sink, sink top and countertops with non-abrasive cleaners.
    - Dust and clean all appliances. Install oven accessories. (Remove packing material from appliances).
    - Check garbage disposal and clean out any debris.
    - Remove all shipping paper, tape and cardboard from the appliances to make ready for customer use.
    - Completely clean tub, washbasin, toilet bowl and shower. Clean all caulkable surfaces.
    - Clean medicine cabinets and shelves.
    - Mirrors shall be washed with glass cleaner. Remove labels from medicine cabinets, mirrors and marble tops and leave in kitchen drawer with appliance literature.
    - Clean all mud and grout from ceramic tile.
    - Polish exterior of all vanity cabinets.
    - Wipe clean shower rods, showerheads, towel bars, tissue holders and light fixtures.
    - Remove putty from plumbing fixtures.
    - Wash all vanity tops with a non-abrasive cleaner or as specified by the manufacturer.
    - Work includes a rough clean, finish clean and two re-cleans per dwelling unit.

    Thank you

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