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    Aug 16, 2013, 05:35 PM
    How should I price a commercial medical class a building 21,000 sq st. job?
    They want cleaning on a 21,000 sq ft medical building for cleaning 5 times a week it's 11 offices and the outside of the building also and we have to provide consumables here are the specs:

    Reception/Waitng Areas
    Dust/wipe down seats, tables, window sills, blinds pictures, decorations, shelves
    Straighten magazines, chairs, etc.
    Vacuum carpeted areas; sweep & mop all tiled areas
    Spot clean carpets to remove stains

    Offices & Interior of Suite
    Dust (with cleaner) all surfaces, including desks (w/out moving papers), chairs, ledges, cabinets & all other furnishings
    Vacuum carpeted areas (spot clean to remove stains, spills, etc. if needed)
    Sweep and mop all tiled areas
    Empty trash & clean receptacles as needed
    Restroom cleaning within the suites that have their own facilities

    Kitchen & Break Areas
    Sanitize sinks and countertops (clean dishes if there is food or drink still in/on dish/cup)
    Any food left out that is not sealed in a container must be thrown away (bugs)
    Spot clean cabinets as needed
    Sweep and mop all tiled areas

    RESTROOMS: (common area & tenant suites)
    Sweep and wet mop floors with a disinfectant cleaner
    Thoroughly sanitize toilet seats (on both sides), urinals, and sinks
    Damp wipe and polish all mirrors shelving, dispensers & chrome fixtures
    Dust top edge of wall tile & any fixtures on the wall
    Empty trash & clean receptacles as needed
    Refill all paper products (toilet paper, paper towels)
    Refill all soap dispensers every night

    Vacuum all carpeted areas (spot clean as needed)
    Sweep and mop all tiled areas
    Dust/wipe down seats, tables, window sills, blinds pictures, decorations, ledges
    Wipe down vending machines as needed
    Clean & polish exterior and interior of elevators
    Wipe down/polish hand rails of interior stairway
    Wipe down/dust interior plants & containers as needed
    Empty trash & clean receptacle as needed
    Dust (including top edge) of any signage, lighting, thermostats, alarm boxes or any other fixtures on the wall
    Water fountains - clean/polish & wipe down front
    Window ledges of stairway wiped down/polished as needed

    Clean (with glass cleaner) & polish all glass building entrance doors
    All wood doors (including restroom & tenant suites) dusted/wiped down as needed
    All hardware dusted, wiped down or polished as needed.
    Push bars on all doors wiped down or polished as needed

    Spot check exterior stairs
    Sweep entrance area & sidewalks (remove trash as needed)
    Empty ash urns or trash cans
    Check for cigarette butts/trash along the curbing at entrances to building.
    Wipe down benches
    Wipe down/polish community mailbox as needed

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