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    Who wrote this poem? Prelude to love
    Who wrote the poem "Prelude to Love"? First line is "You speak of love so warmly while gazing in my eyes."

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Who wrote this poem? [ 1 Answers ]

The first line is "After I cut off the arms that reached out to me" "And after I boarded up all the windows and the doors" It was probably written in Spanish and translated to English

Who wrote this poem [ 1 Answers ]

Who wrote the following? Live for some earnest purpose, Live for some noble life Live for the hearts that love you Live that you conquer strife Live that the world may find you Honest and pure of thought Live though it frown upon you Live as a true man ought What does it matter brother

I would like to know who wrote this poem [ 1 Answers ]

Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while, so when you are lonely, remember this is true, somebody, somewhere is thinking of you.

Who wrote this poem [ 1 Answers ]

The whole world's singing now that spring has come, I saw a robin in the morning sun Among the pale-green leaves and bursting buds, I heard his talk But it is autumn where we walk. 'Tis true for us the summer too is gone, Now whiplashed winds arise and further on The ice and sleet and...

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Deep within your knowledge base where all beliefs reside For every belief void of truth a hole has formed to hide A poison with the rotting stench, of a filthy ****ing lie Its presence never known to you, not even the day you die Its first deceitful silent act, Confuse your inner guide ...

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