(No idea is a dumb idea, so don't be afraid to ask questions or post your thoughts!)
1. We have to make a video, play, mini-movie, ad, puppet show,news report, reader's theater, a radio play, news paper article (news reporter), stop motion film, etc, etc. He (My teacher) said we can do anything we want. But I am having trouble deciding with my group, and we are almost up to anything. Any presentation suggestions?

2. We can (higher marks if we do, and lower marks if we don't.) add creepy or any kind of music. Any title suggestions? (Creepy and eerie preferred)

3. Another part to question 2,should we do creepy and eerie, lullaby, etc. (Musical instruments with no singing preferably, we might have a few paragraphs with a music box, instrument, etc. etc.)

4. We get higher marks if we have props, (and we are doing this in a creepy old church that for some reason everyone is afraid of it. If we do, do a video/ mini-movie) So, any prop ideas? We are also doing a paragraph with a graveyard.

5. Any story plot ideas are welcome! XDD

6. Any character ideas, or any any character bios are always accepted, gratefully.

Any questions feel free to ask! If I have anymore questions I will post new post or add into the comments.


One more quick thing I need to add, the funnier the character ideas the better.
A Frankenstein who hates electronics
A vampire that is a vegetarian, and that loves the sun.
A werewolf who hates the night time because its so dark.
A sea monster that can't swim.
A split person both guy and girl.

So the funnier the characters the better, but post non-funny characters and I'll find a way to make them funny!

Thank you!