I got my cartilage pierced on Friday (August 31st, 2012) and it didn't hurt that bad then. But, hours after and since then it is really painful even when I am not touching it. Also, I heard that I am supposed to turn the ring upwards at night when I go to sleep. I guess so there is movement. It hurts extremely bad to move it and the lady that did my ear said that the ring might just fall back down in the middle of the night. But, with mine that's not the case. It is staying there and I just woke up. I'm not sure if I should move it down again or not touch it. And then I also read that you shouldn't touch it for a bit after you get the piercing. Not sure exactly what to do. I just want to have the least pain possible obviously. I have a high tolerance for pain, I just feel like it is very "annoying" and "irritating". I put on the sea salt spray that the place recommended, so I bought it there. I use it 3 times a day and that stings, hurts, then I guess numbs the pain a little. Really just confused on what to do next and how to have the pain subside, even if it's just a little. Please, any advice would help! THANK YOU!