My son, age 18, had to withdraw recently from public high school in CT due to medical/psychological reasons.
His grade have dropped significantly this past year or so, but credit-wise he is only short .5 (half) a credit in English 4.
His doctor could write a letter requiring the school to provide tutoring for his .5 credit... this is called the "homebound" program. This would cost the city for payment to the tutor. He would rather take the credit from an accredited (by a recognized regional accreditation board) Online High School called Keystone. I am willing to pay for this. But thus far the board of education is unwilling to accept this credit towards his diploma... they say they've never heard of online high school, don't want to set a precedent, etc. The alternative is to transfer all 20+ of his credits earned at his public high school these past 4 years to the online school and then he would earn his diploma from the online high school... but only after meeting their core requirements which would involve an additional 2 credits plus the .5 that he needs.
This makes me a little nervous because I don't know how a diploma from an online hs will be received by colleges.?
To me this is crazy and archaic.
Any thoughts or advice?Any experience with Keystone or other online high schools?