On the 28 May I received an email advising me that my employment had been terminated. My normal pay was scheduled to go into the bank on 28 th May (period 14th May - 25 May) and they deliberately stopped the pay going into my bank account.

They also subsequently demanded the return of their property. I responded via email and advised them that I will return their property only once I had received my pay for the period worked => 14 May until 28 May (11 working days). They sent me an Express Post letter and email as well stating that they will be pay me on return of their property.

I arranged for their property to be returned on Friday (01-June-2007) and they sent 2 emails on the 01-June-2007 which I have attached below.

I have not as yet received my pay from these people. What can I do?

Email 1:

Dear Georgina,
Your husband came this morning and returned the Security pass and laptop. Thank you very much for doing that. The bank run was organised yesterday ready for today. Please email me on Monday, if you have not received payment by then.

Email 2:
Dear Georgina,
I have just been informed by the Financial Controller that our bank, which is Westpac (and we do our transfers on line), are having technical issues and their web site is down. Liying has been trying all day to make your payment. Our CEO is going to keep an eye on it over the weekend to see when it comes back up and keep trying. I am very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.

We will endeavour to pay you, as soon as we possibly can.