Ok so I don't know what to do at this point. I doubt there is anything I can do. I need to vent. This is just ridiculous. Ok so it all started...

In August of last year I began employment with company X. Then 6wks into my working there I found out I was pregnant. I let them know that I would need to take off for at least 4 weeks and would definitely return. They were OK with that and I worked up until the day I gave birth in Feb of this year. In the meantime they hired someone for me to train while I was out on maternity leave. I trained her well. She told me they told her I was not coming back during her interview with them. I didn't say anything to my boss I just talked to her and made sure she knew I intended on returning. She just smiled and said oh yes we know that. So then OK, I leave to have my baby.

4wks later I email my boss to tell her I'm ready to return. She says great and that I could start bak up the following week. Then when I come back to work the girl who had filled in for me says that things have been hell and she just can't seem to get the position down and That she was going to be happy to move on to the position that was promised to her upon my return. Unfortunately the week I returned she was fired. THey never gave her the position promised.

So, conclusion of all of that.. They would have kept her and not have let me return if she was doing a good job. Luckily (for me) she was not able to do the job so they said OK GReat to me coming back.

Anyhow that is that.. then this is where I am just pissed!

So then 4mo later after I returned to work I decided I needed more money and that I was so unhappy in my position. I hated going to work. So I started looking elsewhere. I found a great job and put in a two weeks notice. She was so nice about it and was like blah blah blah we hate to lose you and all that. Then I did my best the last two weeks I was there to train the new girl taking my position. On my last day my boss didn't even say bye.

So anyhow, I made friends the two weeks I was traing the new girl and we have kept in contact since I left. She tells me each time my "boss" would talk about me. She told her and in front of everyone.. "well we were suprised she even came back after having the baby, because after you have a baby you get all sorts of benefits from the state (welfare) and id be suprised if she is even working right now. i assumed she quit so she can get on welfare"

This is ongoing! I have not worked there for 3wks now! I have moved on and started my new job already (which I love) but She is talking so bad about me and why would she even assume such bad things about me w/o even knowing anything? What could give her those ideas anyhow? Sure like welfare is going to pay my rent and car payments? Im still shocked she would even say those things. (no offense to anyone on welfare)

To top if off we never had a bad relationship! I was the perfect employee so to speak. I did what I was told. Never late, no call ins. I worked hard!

So why is she so bitter. It is hurting my feelings now and I know the right thing to do is just forget about it and let it go because obviously I was not happy there so I left and I am so happy at my new job but still I am angry that she keeps talking about me. The things she is saying are so absurd. What can I do about this?

Should I simply just call her and ask that she quit speaking about me? How can I just let this go? I know I know I shoud prob just do that but I feel so tired of being walked upon. I feel like she is making me look so stupid with all the things she is saying. I feel pathetic for just letting her get away with this.

I knew she was this type of person because she had always talked about our patients while I worked there and she was just a snotty person but still it has to have some sort of end to it. Why me? What did I do?

Please give me advice before I do something stupid like call her! Right now I know I am just emotional and angry and would probably make a fool of myself and then she would go and say more things!

What would you do?