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    Feb 23, 2014, 11:21 PM
    Office politics - Need help to overcome
    Hello All,

    I can see that I have written a big story but please don't hesitate to read. Spend some time reading to help us.

    Me and my husband are working in a small construction company abroad. A couple(Husband& wife) and one more guy were here before us. They couple have helped us when we came here. But suddenly they have got PR in some other country they were about to leave the company and at the same time the guy was transferred to some other branch of our company.

    In that branch there were no good facilities as it is here in our branch office. So he was complaining often and had sought help from that husband to transfer him back to our branch.

    If the guy has to come back means we two have to be transferred to that branch. But he couldn't find any reason to get us transferred and call him back. Also if he leaves the company, his position will be obviously for my husband. But they three cannot accept this and the husband wanted the guy to come back and to be as replacement for his position.

    He couldn't find any fault with my husband's work so he just started avoiding my husband from taking anywhere around to get introduced with people around and he was just using my husbandís work putting his name. My husband was very much upset with this behavior of him but kept silent because they have helped us first.
    One day he came with a complaint to our house that CEO of the company is bit upset with my husbandís behavior as he is mingling up with anyone in the office campus. It was just two months after we come, new place, new people and new language. My husband was upset about the complaint.

    The next day he did the same thing that is avoiding my husband to take anywhere. But my husband got angry and shouted at him telling that you are just avoiding me and telling everyone that I am not mingling with everyone.
    Later we have come to know that he is the one to frame this complaint against my husband, convincing the CEO to recommend that guy to get transferred here and transfer us to other branch.

    My husband has apologized to him for shouting on him. Even after that also he just pretended to be a good man digging a pit at the back for my husband.

    After my husband shouted on him he started doing much more. Both husband and wife have joined together and complained about my husband to the CEO. They have prepared a complaint letter against my husband in front of me. I am helpless.

    CEO asked me about our comfort here in this new place. I have explained him that we are new so it is taking some time get around with people of this country but surely we will do mingle with them. But he is not satisfied. He didn't even trusts us hearing their complaints and comments.

    Husband and wife have left the company but the guy is still working in another branch. He is still convincing the CEO. If my husband gives any suggestions or asks for help from that branch CEO will not accept and he is simply asking my husband to do the work in short period without help. More pressure on my husband.

    I am really upset that how CEO of a company can be one sided like this. He just supports the people who does back biting and praise him. This is weird. He should have to think and decide on what to do but he is not doing. CEO is mesmerized by the words of those three cunning people. People have left but the impact of words is still here and we suffer because of that.

    It is my opinion that it is not a matter to complain about " Not getting mingled with others". But this is made big.

    I am a helpless wife seeing my husband suffering. I have to help him for sure. I can see this is injustice but we are unable to make him (CEO) understand what is right. Please help. I cannot see my husband suffering without doing a mistake.

    Thank you..!

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