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    Jun 18, 2010, 04:08 PM
    Need help, How to handle lazy, hypocritical supervisor
    I've been working for this company for 8 months. The problem I have is with my supervisor in our department of 5 people including me: CFO, my supervisor, co-worker, co-worker's supervisor, and me. I have one supervisor I report to in addition to the CFO of our department. Both supervisors report to the CFO. The CFO takes a very hands-off management style; therefore, our department is very corrupt.

    My co-worker takes an average of 1 sick day every week (no exaggeration). She takes 1-1.5 hour lunch breaks and only clocks the lunch breaks as 30 minutes (which is unethical). I always take the specified 30 min. lunch breaks. Her supervisor is very accommodating, and lets her get away with this, which I'm fine with. I've actually caught her supervisor going on vacation for 7 days, and only claiming 4 days of vacation on his time sheet. He also occasionally gives her a full 8 hours by edited her timesheet when she worked less than 8 hours. My supervisor knows all about this corruption.

    My supervisor is very lazy, and always comes in late and leaves early (he's a salary employee). He only works an average of 6 hours a day. Even in the 6 hours he is in the office, he only does 3 hours of actual work. The rest of the time he spends on Facebook, surfing the internet, or sleeping (yes, I have caught him asleep a few times).

    So I didn't feel well today, and I called in sick. My supervisor told me that he wanted to have a "chat" next week because of my "excessive tardiness and attendance". He has never complained before about me being late because 80% of the time, I'm at work before he is, and I always work my full 8 hours. I suspect the true reason behind the "chat" he wants to have is because he is so lazy he doesn't want to do this 10 minute report that is required to be sent out daily. Before I started working there, he was the one who did this report.

    There was one instance when I was too sick and told my supervisor that I couldn't come in until noon. He made me come in at 10am to send out this report because he is didn't want to do it. So, I came in really sick to work. He left at 1pm without any notice. I called him and left a voicemail to ask if I could leave. I waited 30 minutes, but never got a response (which is rude). I couldn't bear it anymore so I called again and left a voicemail telling him I was leaving and I left.

    He dragged me in when I was sick to do this report because it is "sooo important". But, when I went on vacation, he never did the report in my absence. You can see where my frustration is coming from.

    I'm being held to higher standards than everyone else in the department, and am fed up with this. I get in trouble for things that are minuscule compared to what everyone else in my department does on a regular basis. I wish they would lay me off so I can collect unemployment and find a better job (they pay me well below what I should be making, and what I was making at my previous job).

    Should I bring this up to him during the "chat", or should I just keep my mouth shut? How should I approach this?
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    Jun 19, 2010, 07:22 AM

    If your working conditions are as bad as you say, do you really think that during the 'chat' anything you bring up will be acted upon ?

    I couldn't work under the conditions you mention and I wouldn't be there very much longer if I were you. Now if you did leave, would you get a good recommendation ?

    Ms tick
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    Aug 12, 2010, 11:47 AM

    I got to agree with tickle - it's time to find a new job.

    It's sad, but many businesses have managers and employees just like the ones you describe. I'd love to see managers held accountable for themselves and their employees.

    I don't think it would help anything for you to complain... it may cause you even greater problems, as your manager would probably try to get even with you.

    Just start putting in job applications elsewhere.

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