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    Jul 21, 2014, 06:59 AM
    I have been working for someone for less than a month as a 199 employee
    I have been working for less than a month as a 1099 employee for an independent life insurance rep. I have been out of my last job for a month now as I quit my other job when I started this job. Originally I was told this job paid way more a year than it does and I was not notified until after I was hired that the position was a 1099 position. I have only been with her for four weeks and today I found out I might get fired. Is there still a way for me to file for Unemployment in the state of Va since I haven't been with her for 90 days yet?
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    Jul 21, 2014, 07:12 AM
    UI is rarely approved when someone quits, and the employer gets to protest if you do apply. You have to have a reason for quitting that qualifies for UI, such as a reduction in hours, tasks, location, or pay. I don't see any reason to apply in your case; you have no chance. (And employers pay when someone collects, in higher premiums.)

    I'm sorry about your new job. You could probably turn the company in to the Labor Dept. for some violation. You aren't really a 1099 contractor. You won't get any compensation, but you might be able to put her out of operation, especially if you spend routine time at her place of business. There's a very remote chance she could be forced to pay you minimum wage, but the wheels grind slowly.

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