Before you begin to try and answer my case please note that I am not sexually active so that eliminates a pregnancy. I am not taking birth control nor any other medicine. Just yesterday I began to notice it when my dad made thus delicious fish that I love to eat because he only makes it on special occasions. Fish is my favorite food so that is not the problem. Then today I woke up really weak because I didn't eat dinner last night cause I couldn't.

I craved an egg burrito this morning but when I got out of bed l felt real sick. I know I'm hungry cause I feel it but when I try to eat even two bites I get so sick that I can't stand because I Feel so sick. I read that perhaps it could be stress (that would explain the constant butterflies at night that kept me up from being with the guy I like who finally confessed to me) and/or allergies but I am not allergic to anything so I'm really confused. Can anyone lend me their thoughts on this? I would really appreciate it !