Okay so I have a tendency to leave my groceries out after I go shopping. I always tell the people sacking to put ALL the cold stuff together. This is so that when I get home, exhausted cause we do a lot of shopping, I can just put up the cold and frozen stuff and leave out the non perishables to put up later. This last time I went shopping I was particularly lazy and left the non perishables out for 2 days before starting to put them up. I found that (once again) the sacker at the Dillons near my house can't seem to listen and put my package of American Singles with a bunch of boxes of hamburger helper. It was still fairly cold (as my house is usually kind of chilly) but not like I just got if off the shelf cold. I put it in the fridge right away hoping it was still good. None of us have been brave enough to try it yet so... Would the cheese slices still be okay to eat? Thank you.