In the mid-90s, I heard about the concept of a "Colon Cleansing Bootcamp." Here's how it was described to me at a fitness seminar:

"For a 3-day weekend, you consume nothing but this thick liquid. Nothing else. What happens is the liquid fills your entire intenstinal tract and expands, somewhat like the 'Foaming Snake' style of Liquid Plumber. By expanding, it is adhering to your intenstinal walls and as it solidifies, it grabs all of the paste, parasites, and leftover food that's stuck in your colon and intestines. Then, by the 3rd day, you start a bowel movement that you cannot stop. The liquid has solidified to the consistency of a soft rubber, similar to a rubber fishing worm, and you can't stop until it is all out of your body. It comes out in the exact dimensions and shape of your essentially looks like a black rubber mold of your insides. But all of the junk that's trapped inside us is gone with it, which means the toxins are gone and you can digest all of the nutrients you ingest without obstruction. To ease any discomfort, they will often wheel you around on a wheelchair with a hole in the bottom, and push you around until you have excreted the entire amount. What's left behind is a 4-8 foot rubber BM. The cost is several thousand dollars for the 3-day camp."

Now, as sexy as that sounds, I would actually like to do this. I'd love to know that 3 decades of garbage are gone from my system, and that all of the food I eat is actually being assimilated. The problem is, I can't find any evidence that matches up with this description. I've seen some SICK... literally... on some of the "colon cleanse and detox" websites, but they're all selling a product. They don't involve the same 3-day process, and the 8-foot rubber poopy doesn't seem to happen, either.

Has anyone else ever heard of this? If not, ask your parents or wife or girlfriend... preferrably over dinner. I want to find out more.