I have been seeing a specialist about my stomach problems, but they can not seem to find the root of the problem. I had been recieveing naet treatment (homeopathic) for food sensativities, but that was not working. I have had x-rays, catscans, and upper GI series, have been tested for cilliacs disease, stomach cancer... I do not have an ulcer or lactose intolerance... everyone seems to be stumped.
another part of my problem is that I do not have the ability to puke. It sounds strange, but in high school I had a phase of bulemia, but one day I attempted to make myself puke and I could feel it coming up, but it was as if it hit a brick wall close to the base of my neck. For years now I will get the flu or food poisioning, but I can not puke, no matter how hard I may try. This inability makes me feel terriable. Imagine that feeling that you receive before you puke where you know that once it comes up you will feel better... well I dry heave, and feel like I have to puke but the feeling just stays.
my final issue is that I have difficulties drinking water. I had a sencativity to the minerals in water, but received a treatment for that. When I drink water, I feel nauseous. On occasion if it is really cold I can handle it, but water just makes me feel ill.
so do my problems tie in together? Or is my body just a little strange? Does anyone know what could be causing these symptoms?