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    Implantation Bleeding
    IMPLANTATION BLEEDING- Many women believe that when trying to concieve that they experience IMPLANTATION BLEEDING. It is important to understand that this is not as common as we all would like to believe. So, prior to asking “is this implantation bleeding” please read on.

    I know it would be nice for those of us who are trying to conceive to be able to have a little dark discharge or a little spotting to tell us that we are pregnant, unfortunately that is not the case. As a woman who is trying to get pregnant you probably know your cycles. Well, I would like to go in depth a little about how this works so that you understand not only when you ovulate, but the medical terms, as well as the function of each, and what is actually happening to your body during this time.

    Ovulation – Ovulation begins within the ovaries. The ovary is the organ that produces the egg cells and the female sex hormones.

    Conception – Conception occurs when the sperm and the egg meet in the fallopian tube. Approx 30 hours later the fertilized egg begins to divide. This process takes about 3 days. On about day 6 of conception the fertilized egg begins to attach to the uterus. This is the process called implantation. Implantation is complete during the 2nd week after fertilization. Once implantation is complete your body begins to release a hormome commonly called hCG.
    Occasionally, the developing mass of cells implants in tissues outside the uterus, for instance, an ovary, the cervix, or an organ in the abdominal cavity. This result is called an ectopic pregnancy. If a fertilized egg implants within the uterine tube, it is called a tubal pregnancy . A tubal pregnancy is dangerous to a pregnant woman and the developing offspring because the tube usually ruptures as the embryo (baby) enlarges and is accompanied by severe pain and heavy abdominal bleeding. Treatment for this is prompt surgical removal of the embryo and repair or removal of the damaged uterine tube.

    It is important to know that pregnancy is different for EVERY woman and EVERY pregnancy. No 2 women or no 2 pregnancies will be exactly alike.

    IMPLANTATION BLEEDING STUDY- According to a study done by the University of North Carolina, done in 2003 “Little is known about the occurrence and patterns of vaginal bleeding during the earliest stages of pregnancy. We explore this in a prospective study of early pregnancy.”

    A total of 221 women were studied and they kept a daily diary along with providing urine samples while trying to become pregnant. Out of these 221 women 151 became clinically pregnant. Clinically pregnant means that the pregnancy lasted 6 or more weeks past their last monthly period. A total of 14 women reported reported at least one day of bleeding during the first 8 weeks. Out of these 14 women, 12 women delivered babies.

    According to this study, the University found no supportive information that implantation causes bleeding. The conclusion to the study is that early bleeding in clinical pregnancies is NOT to be mistaken for LMP (last monthly period).

    The information I have given you comes from Please feel free to research there, but you must have an account to view the entire article

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