I have a Magnavox MBP5130/f7 Blu-Ray player with internet streaming capabilities (Netflix, etc). I recently bought a Linksys wi-fi extender to improve internet range throughout the house. The problem is, the extender is causing the Blu-Ray player to fail connecting to the internet. When I go into the Blu-Ray's wireless setup, it shows it is seeing my wi-fi network twice (presumably the router itself and the signal from the extender). I have gone into each of them on the Blu-Ray and put all the correct info in, but the Blu-Ray still displays a "can't connect to the internet" message. I know it's related to the extender because when I unplug it, the Blu-Ray can then connect to the net. Not using the extender is not an option as it's needed to extend the wifi to a security camera on the far end of the house. Any thoughts on how to rectify this?